Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fighting Fish of Thailand.

Thailand Post has been issued fighting  fish stamp set, depicted betta imbellis, and betta splendens.
They called as fighting fish because was collected for game of fish fighting. Beside as fighting fish they also collected as beauty fish in the fresh water aquarium.

Betta imbellis, also known as the Crescent Betta or Peacefull betta is a freshwater ray-finned fish in the gourami family. This species is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. The left side of above picture shown betta imbellis fish, meanwhile the right side shown betta splendens fish.

Betta splendens, also known as the betta is a popular species of freshwater aquarium fish. It usually grows to an overall length of about 6.0 centimetres, though some varieties reach 8.0 centimetres in length. On average, males are more aggressive. Siamese fighting fish will even respond aggressively to their own reflections in a mirror; use of a mirror avoids the risk of physical damage inherent in actual conflict, although it can lead to stress in some individuals.Siamese fighting fish has upturned mouths and is primarily carnivorous surface feeders. In the wild, they feed on zooplankton and the larvae of mosquitoes and other insects, such as flies, crickets, or grasshoppers.

Betta splendens

This species have affectionately nicknamed "The Jewel of the Orient" due to their beauty and wide range of colours which are produced through selective breeding. Wild fish only exhibit strong colours when agitated. However, breeders have been able to make this coloration permanent, and a wide variety of hues breed true.
The fish is a member of the gourami family (family Osphronemiae) of order Perciformes. The name of the genus is derived from ikan bettah, taken from a local dialect of Thailand. The wild ancestors of this fish are native to the rice paddies of Thailand and Cambodia and are called Siamese fighting fish.


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