Friday, January 28, 2011

Fishes of Armenia

Armenia Post issued the sixth series of flora and fauna on year 2000 and feature the endangered fishes species, Salmo Ischchan gegarkuni and Barbus goktschaicus.


Salmo Ischchan gegarkuni is endemic to Lake Sevan. It is a medium sized fish with silver scales, big black, sometimes orange or light pink spots. Ischchan has 4 biotypes: S.i. ischchan, S.i. gegarkuni, S.i. anilewski, S.i. aestivalis. The gegarkuni has a sharp chin and fusiform body. By length reaches 40cm, weight 400-600gram.


Barbus goktschaicus is endemic to Lake Sevan. The fish has a fusiform body with black spots. The length varies between 8 to 30cm, weight is up to 500gram. There are two pairs of barbels around the mouth, the dorsal flipper has a stiff ray. It is hard to catch. These rare endangered species are included in the Red Book of Armenia.


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