Saturday, April 2, 2011


Fowls are egg-laying feathered vertebrates with a beak. Since the most ancient times, man has been aware of the importance of fowls for his life and succeeded in taming many of them and progressively domesticating them, so as to obtain by breeding (agriculture) more abundant and tasty meat and a large quantity of eggs. As shown by archaeological research, numerous kings of fowls, such as the hen, the pigeon, the duck, the goose, etc., were also domesticated as early as the prehistoric period.




Some of these fowls, the pigeon, the turkey, the cock and the duck are represented in the series "Domestic Fowls" of the Cyprus Postal Services on stamps of €0,22, €0,34, €0,43 and €0,51 respectively.


Source: Stamps and Philatelic Services, Cyprus Post

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