Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Clematis Flower of Guernsey

In 1985 Raymond Evison OBE, VMH, founded the Guernsey Clematis Nursery. The nursery has grown rapidly in recent years and is now the leading producer of young clematis plants in the world.
Clematis now follows behind other crops that have upheld the tradition in horticulture on the island of Guernsey. The clematis featured in this Guernsey stamps have all been bred or developed in Guernsey by Raymond Evison.


Rosemoor Evipo002 has distinctive reddish purple flowers with contrasting yellow anthers. The large flowers are borne from May to September and it is an ideal plant for growing with other wall trained trees and shrubs.


Blue Moon Evirin launched at the 1997 Chelsea Flower Show in conjunction with EMI, the record label company. Marvellous wavy edges to the whitish/blue sepals.


Wisley Evipo001 is a modern day jackmanii type named after the RHS famous garden. It produces a mass of bluish medium sized flowers. Outstanding for growing with roses.


Arctic Queen Evitwo is remarkable free flowering white double clematis flowering for most of the summer months .It produces a stunning plant when in flower, grown in a container or through an evergreen wall trained shrub


Harlow Carr Evipo004 named after the RHS northern-most garden is extremely free flowering from early summer onwards. The  produced four sepal, each width of 3”,  deep purple en-mass making it ideal for growing with roses or ground cover.


Liberation Evifive named in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of the Channel Islands from wartime occupation. This clematis has dramatic deep pink reddish large flowers.


Royal Velvet Evifour has deep purple flowers born in abundance during late spring early summer. An ideal container plant or for growing with grey foliage shrubs.


Guernsey Cream, raised from the species clematis patens from China, is very free flowering in the late spring early summer and is very winter hardy. Fully rounded cream flowers.


Josephine Evijohill discovered by Josephine Hill in England and developed in Guernsey has remarkable full double pinkish mauve flowers. A great plant for growing in a container.


Hyde Hall Evipo009 selected for its compact early summer free flowering habit. A superb plant for the patio or the small town garden. Large white flowers suffused with pink with occasion green highlights.

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