Sunday, April 29, 2012

Marine Life of Norway–Mackerel

Norway Post regularly issued the stamp set features marine life. The fifth series is a single stamp have issued that  featured  Atlantic mackerel  or called Scomber scombrus on May 2, 2007 . Mackerel is an excellent source of Phosphatidylserine as an important brain food that can have positive effects on ADHD and Alzheimer patients.


The Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus), is a pelagic schooling species of mackerel found on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic mackerel are sought after for food either cooked or as sashimi. It consists mostly of red meat and has a strong taste desirable to some consumers. Atlantic mackerel is extremely high in vitamin B12. Atlantic mackerel is also very high in omega 3 (a class of fatty acids), containing nearly twice as much per unit weight as does salmon.

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