Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hong Kong Butterflies II

On June 14, 2007, Hong Kong Post has issued the stamp set features butterflies which found in their country. The issue comprises of 5 (five)  postage stamps with various of the face value. The depicted butterflies are Faunis eumeus, Prioneris philonome, Polyura nepenthes, Tajuria maculata, and Acraea issoria.
Description of each depicted species can read more in the blog,  Butterfly Stamps of The World”,  in article of  “Hong Kong Butterflies II”.

A stamp with value   $ 1.40  presents species Faunis eumeus,
A stamp  with value  $ 1.80  presents species Prioneris philonome.

A stamp with value $ 2.40 presents  species Polyura nepenthes
A stamp with value  $ 3.00 presents  species Tajuria maculata
A stamp with value $ 5.00  presents  species Acraea issoria

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