Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wealth of Latvian Forests - 2009

Latvia Post pleased to present the wealth of Latvian forest on the stamp set on September 12, 2009. The issue comprises of two stamps feature the wild strawberries (fragaria vesca) and the edible mushroom, Russula paludosa.

 Wild strawberries – Fragaria vesca

Fragaria vesca, commonly called wild strawberries or woodland strawberry, is a plant that grows naturally throughout the Northern Hemisphere, include all of Europe. Woodland strawberry fruit is strongly flavored, and is still collected and grown for domestic use and on a small scale commercially for the use of gourmets and as an ingredient for commercial jam, sauces, liqueurs, cosmetics and alternative medicine.

Fragaria vesca is sometimes used as an herbal medicine; an herbal tea made from the leaves, stems, and flowers is believed to aid in the treatment of diarrhea.

Russula paludosa Britz
Russula paludosa is an edible species of mushroom within the large Russula genus. It is common to Europe and North America.The cap  is convex to depressed with diameter 6 – 20 cm  and is coloured a distinctive bloody red, pink, crimson or purple. Sometimes it may show a yellowish or orange tinge in the centre.
The stem is white, sometimes with a pink hue, slightly clubbed. It may measure 5 to 15 cm in height and up to 3 cm in diameter.
Russula paludosa is mycorrhizal and occurs in coniferous woodlands and in peat bogs of Europe and North America; preferably under pine trees, where it forms mycorrhizae. Locally it can be very common. It may easily be mistaken for Russula emetica, which is poisonous.

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