Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brown-ears pheasant from China

The vulnerable species, Brown-ears pheasant has featured on two different value stamps by China on 1989.Crossoptilon mantchuricum, or Brown Eared-pheasant is species of family Phasianidae and qualifies as Vulnerable because it may have a small population between 5,000 till 17,000 and population in protected areas appear are declining (potentially rapidly). Its range has been fragmented by habitat loss and isolated populations are at risk from further forest loss and other pressures. Outside nature reserves, the threats include deforestation for agriculture and urban development, and habitat degradation due to logging and livestock-grazing.

The body size is ranged of 96-100 cm and have distintictives as Brown-and-white pheasant with prominent white cheek tufts extending from bill base. Mainly darkish brown body plumage with white lower back, rump and uppertail-coverts, and longish, filamentous white tail with broad, dark tips. Bare red facial skin and legs. Female usually slightly smaller and lacks tarsus spurs. Voice Utters high-pitched, raucous calls.This species is endemic to northern China, where it is now confined to scattered localities in the Luliang Shan of western Shanxi, and the mountains of north-western Hebei, western Beijing and central Shaanxi
It breeds in coniferous forest or mixed conifer-broadleaf forest at up to 2,600 m. In winter, it moves to lower altitudes (minimum 1,100 m), to scrub at the forest edge on south-facing slopes.

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