Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flora Fauna 2003 on Indonesia stamp

In relation with the Flora Fauna Day 2003, Indonesia Post has issued the souvenir sheet feature two species flora and fauna which were found in Indonesia, Anaphalis javanica and Orthetrum testaceum/Capung peluncur.

Anaphalis javanica or Javanese Edelweiss is a flowering plant species endemic to Indonesia. They are found mostly in mountainous regions of Java, southern Sumatra, southern Sulawesi and Lombok. Known as bunga abadi in Indonesian, literally means eternal flower, this plant is popular among tourists. This could lead to the destruction of the wild grown species.

The flower are generally seen between April and August. Dried flower, sold as souvenir at Mount Bromo. In the Bromo-Tengger region in East Java this plant is considered extinct. This species is constantly decreasing in number and is currently protected in Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park.

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