Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Largest Carnivore Animal of Slovakia


Slovakia issued the stamp series depicted the largest carnivore animal such as Lynx, Common Wolf, and Brown Bear. The stamp issued on July 2001 in one set comprises of 3 pieces stamps and one souvenir sheet composed of the set of stamps.


Lynx is the largest European cat, heavily built, quadratic body with long legs is 80 - 115 cm long, 55 -70 cm tall, weighting 15-30 kg. Lynx’s fur is thick, rusty grey-yellow with dark brown spots. The bottom of its body and chin are whitish, ear tufts and the end of a short tail are black. Lynx has striking black stripes on its cheeks. Lynx is active mostly at dusk and at night, its territory covers up to 30 km2. It is solitary, making couples only during the mating period. The cubs reach sexual maturity after 2 years, and they live about 16-18 years.

Common Wolf (Cam’s lupus L.)

A large carnivore from the dog family..The length of body in grown-up individuals reaches 120 - I5O cm, height in shoulders 65 - 80 cm, and weight 30 - 50 (65) kg. Its fur coat is predominantly grey, sometimes with a rusty-brown shade. being darker at the back and paler at the bottom. Wolf hunts by chasing a prey, mostly ungulates (deer, roe deer, wild boar), and it occasionally feeds on carcasses. Wolf cubs reach sexual maturity at the end of second year, and they live 14 - 16 years.

Brown Bear (Ursus arctos L.)

Brown Bear is the largest European carnivore. Brown Bear live in forests of northern and central Slovakia, 700 - 1500 meters above the sea level. Their robust body is 150 - 220 cm long, it measures 90 - 125 cm in height, and weights 150 - 350 kg. Coloration of fur varies from fair brown to dark brown; cubs have a light strip on their neck. Bear is omnivorous, and active in the evening and at night, its territory covers 15 - 30 km". Brown Bear is solitary and can live about 30 years.

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