Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nature Conservation of Slovakia- Scarcest orchid.

In relation with theme of Nature Conservation, Slovakia Post Office issued the stamp series of the scarcest orchid family, Ophrys apifera (Bee orchid) , and Cypripedioidae calceolus (Lady’s Slipper orchid). T2 100 g of stamp depicted Cypripedioidae calceolus and T2 500 g of stamp depicted Ophrys apifera .
Ophrys apifera is the only representative of this genus capable of self-pollination, which means that it does not need to attract insects and rely on pollinators. The occurrence of Ophrys apifera in Slovakia is rare represent the flower’s most northern habitats. Ophrys apifera usually grows in the warmer parts of Western Slovakia, in meadows and shrubby slopes, thin forests and typically on limy soils which extend from lowlands to upland ranges. In Slovakia, this genus is represented by five species The Ophrys apifera or Bee orchid population declined due to to the destruction of biotopes and overgrowing. In addition to the conservation of individual localities, the species is also protected by law and listed in the Slovak Red List of Plants and Animals and subject to conservation under the CITES convention.
Cypripedioidae calceolus measures up to 60 cm with a creeping rootstalk, from which a stem sprouts with 3-5 alternate and 4-7 cm wide lanceolate leaves.This genus is to be found in Asia and North America, comprising about 20 species.The species can usually be found on the foothills or mountains of Northern Slovakia. Cypripedioidae calceolus prefers limy soils, deciduous forests, especially oak and beech, but it may also, though rarely, occur in conifer forests, edges of forests, and shrubby hillsides. The flower is also threatened by the destruction of biotopes and changes in the wood composition of forests.The species listed in the Red Slovak Red List of Plants and Animals, and subject to conservation based on the CITES convention.

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