Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The ducks of Luxembourg

On year 2000, Luxembourg Post issued the stamp serieds depicted the duck species, The Mallard, The Pochard, and the Tufted Duck.

The Mallard

The Mallard is certainly the most frequently observed waterbird in Luxembourg. The male is easily recognisable with its yellow bill, green head and blue speculum on his wings. Mallards breed almost on every pond and river throughout our regions.

During wintertime, our resident populations are joined by those of more northern countries. The Mallard is a dabbling duck, that means that he never completely dives under water when feeding.

The Pochard

There is no breeding record for the Pochard so far, although several of those birds summer in the Remerschen gravelpits each year. Pochards are diving ducks that spend much time diving for food. The male is attractive and distinctive: The rounded head is reddish-orange, the breast black contrasting with the greyish upperparts. The female has a uniform grey-brown plumage and is not so distinctive.

In winter time, the Pochards spend their time on the rivers, such as the Moselle river between Luxembourg and Germany.

The Tufted duck

The male of the Tufted duck is very distinctive, looking black and white at a distance. In good light, the dark feathering shows sheen and the yellow eye and the small crest feathers may be seen. The Tufted duck first bred in 1988 in Luxembourg in the Remerschen gravelpits. During winter, some large groups of these diving ducks are observed on the Moselle river.

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