Monday, February 14, 2011


Armenia Post issued the fifth series of flora fauna stamp wihich depicted Armenian Gampr and Van Cat ( The Turkish Van). The set consist of two stamps.


Armenian Gampr is a breed of livestock guardian dog that originated at Armenian Highlands, including the territories of modern Eastern Anatolia of Turkey and the Republic of Armenia, and bred by local people by primitive selection.

Height in withers in male dogs is 65 cm or more, and female dogs is 62 cm or more. Weight shall correspond to the total size of the dog, and usually varies from 45–50 kg to 60 kg.

Gamprs differ by their vital capacity, independence, mind, strong self-preservation instinct, ability of the trustworthy defence and protection of livestock, and exclusive friendliness to humans.


The Turkish Van, or simply just Van, is a recognized cat breed that is known for its unusual love of water and swimming. They were created from the cats native to the Lake Van area. The cats of this type are named in Turkish Van Kedisi , in Armenian vana katu and in Kurdish (Pisîka Wanê).

Originally called in the West the Turkish Cat, the name was changed in 1979 in the U.S. (1985 in the U.K.) to Turkish Van.Turkish Vans are recognized as patterned cats with colour restricted to the head and tail with the body of the cat being white.

The Turkish Van is a large, semi-longhaired cat with a swimmer's body. The cat is moderately long and its back legs are slightly longer than its front legs These cats are large and muscular and feature short necks. Male Vans grow to about 7 kg, while females tend to be a bit lighter in weight, 5 to 6 kg. A Van will take up to 3 years to reach full maturity. Vans have been known to reach 1 m long from nose to tip of tail.

The Turkish Vans love to play in the water and will join you in the tub for a dip or help you in the sink and are known as "the swimming cat." Many Vans are dedicated to fetching their particular object of interest, and many owners describe them as "dogs in a cat suit" because of their unusual personalities.

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