Monday, October 17, 2011

Bush Birds of Norfolk Island

The Norfolk Island Post issued the stamp series features the bush birds on August 18, 2009. The stamps are designed by Tracey Yager and comprised of 4 single stamps with different of face value.


The Bush birds of Norfolk Island depicted in this issued are The Grey Fantail, The Pacific Robin, The Golden Whistler, and The Sacred Kingfisher. The above mentioned birds are unique to Norfolk Island.

The Grey Fantail on 15 c stamp:
Mainly dark grey plumage, paler below with brownish wings. A delicate white eyebrow, and a white line behind the eye are balanced by the white band around the dark grey throat. Sexes are alike.

The Pacific Robin on 55 c stamp:
The male robin has a bright red breast, black head, back and wings, with contrasting white spots on the head and forewing. The female is subdued brown with a pale wash of apricot on her breast.

The Golden Whistler on $1.40 stamp :
Brown plumage on both the male and female. A soft gold is present all year around the under-tail area, the wing edges and flanks, becoming brighter in breading season. Some birds have a brown and white speckled chin and throat.

The Sacred Kingfisher on $2.05 stamp :
Colour can range from deep dark blue through to blue-green and aquamarine on the wings, head and back with a white collar. The breast may be white or shaded to a creamy buff. Juveniles are darker with a black mottled upper breast. Sexes are alike.

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