Thursday, October 20, 2011



On October 08, 2011, Lithuania Post issued a single stamp features the White-tailed Sea Eagle as member of the Red Book of Lithuanian. The stamp has designed by I.Balakauskaitė.

The White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), also known as the Sea Eagle, is the largest bird of prey breeding in Lithuania, the first nest of which was discovered in 1987 in the Čepkeliai Reserve.

The preferred habitats of white-tailed  eagles are the forests located close to sea bays, large rivers or lakes, or fish farms. These birds build their nests in the trees growing close to open localities such as marshes in bare soils, woodcutting places, or sites in forests. White-tailed eagles feed on fish, seabirds, and mammals.

At present, the white-tailed eagle is included in The Red List of Threatened Species and The Red List of Lithuania. The main reason for the decrease in the population of species is active economic activities in forests. Also, they supplement the trophy collections of poachers, die as a result of careless perching on utility poles or affected by chemical pollutants ingested through prey.

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