Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FRUIT- Cat`s head pear, Domesticated apple

The design of the stamps employs compositions reminiscent of still life and was issued on May 06, 2011. The HUF 145 stamp shows the domesticated apple and the HUF 310 stamp depicts the cat’s head pear. Both cultivars can be found in the Újfehértó Gene Bank Collection.

Domesticated apple - HUF145
Its origin is uncertain but it was certainly grown in the 16th century in France. In Hungary it is still grown in small gardens and vineyards on the Great Plain. It ripens in August. Its 240-300 g fruit is a flattened ball with a whitish yellow flesh and stripy skin, and there is also a single colour clone version. Its flesh is hard and highly acid with little flavour. It is favoured for its size and is widely used in cooking.
The tree has a large crown with big leaves and remarkably small buds. It starts producing late but then produces well, albeit in phases. The species tolerates a variety of growing locations but it likes alkaline soil the least. The tree is excellent for old fashioned gardens and requires minimal care. The fruit can be kept until the end of September in a cool larder. 

Cat’s head pear – HUF 310
Already cultivated in 1590 in the Bamberg nursery, it became known in French areas as well as West Hungary. Its fruit is large, about 9-9.5 cm in diameter. Its stem is thick and strong and does not drop easily. Hard skin and yellow flesh are typical with a reddish-brown skin on the sunny side. Its flesh is crispy and coarse but not stony. Sweet, but a little tart, it is the typical kitchen type. It used to be popular for stewed fruit and jelly.  During November and December after-ripening is finished but it can be kept until spring. There are some in Transdanubia and more in historic Upper Hungary. (Source: written by Dezső Surányi, professor of historic ecology)

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