Friday, November 25, 2011

Hibiscus Flowers of Norfolk Island


Norfolk is sub tropical island. Hibiscus flowers are endemic to Norfolk and Philip Island. Therefore Norfolk Island chosen to issue the stamp feature its on 12 single stamps on 30th August 2005. Some lovely varieties lurking in backyards and hedges around the island awaiting to be discovered. One of them is The Philip Island Hibiscus (Hibiscus insularis


This  species of hibiscus that is endemic to Phillip Island, a small island to the south of Norfolk Island. The entire natural extent of this species is just two small clumps, and each clump apparently consists of multiple separate stems of a single genotype.

It produces greenish-yellow flowers that fade to mauve through most of the year. Horticultural use of the Philip Island Hibiscus has greatly increased the number of plants (though not in its natural environment) but as it is usually propagated by cuttings the number of genotypes is still extremely small. This species is listed as Critically Endangered under Australian federal environment legislation. (Wikipedia).

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