Sunday, August 19, 2012

Argentina’s Native Orchids

Argentina Post (Correo Oficial de la Republica Argentina SA) has issued the flower stamp series depicted their native orchids on 24 September 2011. The issue stamps comprised of two stamps, featured native orchid  , Sacoila lanceolata and Zygopetalum maxillare Lodd. ( The Chin-Bone Zygopetalum). Sacoila lanceolata.jpg
Sacoila lanceolata
Sacoila lanceolata is orchid as member of family Orchidaceae belonging to the subfamily Orchidoideae. Plants are distributed from Florida, USA through Central America to South America. Plants are terrestrial and blooms with many flowers which have a short column. Plant blooms from spring to fall with many 2.3 cm wide flowers.

Grow in moderate lighting. Plant grows in cool to warm temperatures and should be water regularly. Reduce watering during the winter. Keep potting media moist. Pot with a well drain mix such as fine to medium grade bark with perlite or in sphagnum moss.
Zypgopetalum maxillare Lodd.( The Chin-Bone Zygopetalum)

Zygopetalum maxillare Lodd. , is a species of a genus of the orchid family (Orchidaceae) (subfamily Epidendroideae, tribe Maxillarieae, subtribe Zygopetalinae).This orchid's generic name, derived from the Greek word "zygon", means "yoked petal." It refers to the yoke-like growth at the base of the lip caused by the fusion of petals and the sepals.
They occur in humid forests at low- to mid-elevation regions of South America, with most species in Brazil.It grows at elevations from 2000 to 3300 feet.

Most are epiphytes, but some are terrestrials with glossy, strap-like, plicate leaves, which are apical, oblong or elliptic-lanceolate, acute or acuminate. These orchids have a robust growth form. Their ovoid-conical pseudobulbs are deciduous.

Zygopetalum produce an erect, 60 centimeter-long, few-flowered to several-flowered, racemose inflorescence that grows laterally and is longer than the leaves. Their prominent bracts equal the length of the ovary.The flowers are 1.75" wide and known for their fragrant, waxy, and long-lived flowers with multiple blooms in shades of green, purple, burgundy, and raspberry with several patterns.

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