Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Garden Flowers of Liechtenstein

After succeed  three part Definitive series “Butterflies”, Liechtenstein Post issued the 2012 definitive stamps with the theme  "flower garden". In the first, again designed by Stefan Erne issue the peony, dahlia and zinnia are shown.

The  CHF 0.85 stamp present "Dahlia" , Dahlia hortensis , which originally from Central America and Mexico native and from the beginning of the 19th century introduced in Europe. This species  belongs to the daisy family and is another common ornamental plant that blooms from July to October. The approximately 20,000 different varieties of dahlias are divided into 10 groups of species. On a semi-permanent mark Cactus Dahlia (variety "kumquat") is shown.

The CHF 1.40 stamp present The pink "Peony",  Paeonia officinalis which usually blooms around Whitsun, is a popular ornamental flower for parks and gardens. It is distributed throughout the Mediterranean, and from the northern Alpine regions. Because it was once brought by the Benedictines as a remedy over the Alps, it is also called Benedictine Rose.

The CHF 5.00 stamp present the Aster family "Zinnia". It was named after the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn - back (1727 1759). This year's late summer flower stems as the Dahlia from Central America and Mexico, and they often adorns colorful cottage gardens.


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