Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Stone crayfish of Slovenia - 2011

Slovenia Post has collaborated with WWF organization issued the stamp set features the specific species  of Slovenia, Stone crayfish. The issue comprises of 4 postage stamps and one local official first day cover. All stamp depicted this species in their environment and have marked of WWF logo .

The Local WWF Cover of this stamp series  presented in the other blogs  “Stone crayfish” . This official FDC released together with the issue of  stamps.

Three species of crayfish live in fresh water in Slovenia: the noble crayfish, the stone crayfish and white-clawed crayfish.
The stone crayfish or  Austropotamobius torrentium,  is a European species of freshwater crayfish in the family Astacidae.
It is mostly found in tributaries of the Danube, having originated in the northern part of the Balkan Peninsula..
Its range extends throughout central and southern Europe. In Slovenia it is widespread mainly in the Sava and Drava watersheds, and is less present in the Primorska and Pomurje regions.

The stone crayfish (Austropotamobius torrentium) is smaller than the noble crayfish. It grows up to 10 cm and lives primarily in small streams and also at higher elevations.
It lives in streams that have mainly rocky beds, where it hides beneath the rocks. Its carapace is usually brown, and the underside of the claws is lighter and never red as are those of the noble crayfish.
Males have larger claws than females, but females have a noticeably larger abdomen Due to its small size it was never very interesting economically and was never bred or used as a food source. 


Due to the regulation of watercourses and water pollution, all of these crayfish species are highly threatened and therefore also protected. Natura 2000 protection areas have been established in order to protect the stone crayfish. They include the western Pohorje, where its numbers are particularly strong.

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