Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beetles of Indonesia

Batocera rosenbergi
, is a species found in Ruteng, at height of 1,300 ASL. The charateristics is the body size up to 7 cm. They feeds on parts of plant such as leaf, blossom or tree bark.Stamp value is 1,000.

Chalcosoma caucasus, is a very gigantic size up to 10 cm. This is the largest beetle in the world. They live at height at 1,700 m ASL. In nature, they feed on topmost of tree of palmae included coconut and sugar palm. Stamp value is 2,000.

Chrysochroa buqueti, is a species scattered throughout Java Island, and has size up to 5 cm. Stamp value is 1,000.

Agestrata dehaan, is largest member flower beetle group, shaped in pentagonal with diameter more than 2 cm and has beautiful green shine colour. Stamp value is 800.

Mormolyce phyllodes, is species which wide spread throughout Java, Sumatera,and Kalimantan. The body of beetle is covered by widen elytra as guitar shaped. It is brown thick body in size of 5 cm. Stamp value is 900.

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