Friday, October 23, 2009

Black-billed Amazon of Jamaica


Jamaica Post collaborated with WWF organization issued the stamp set feature Black-billed Amazon, endemic bird. The issue consist of 4 postage stamp depicted the life of this bird.

Black-billed Amazon, or Amazona agilis, is a parrot endemic to Jamaica. Sometimes called the Black-billed Parrot, this Amazon parrot is mostly green with small patches of red on the wing and sometimes flecked on the head, tail feathers margined blue with red bases to outer feathers. It is size up to 25 cm with bill in black colour.

They feed on fruit, seeds, and nuts, and will take cultivated fruit like mangoes, papayas and cucumbers as well as wild fruits.

The Black-billed Amazon has become much rarer due to deforestation and hurricane damage fragmenting its forest, poaching for food and the pet trade in wild parrots. The population estimated 10,000 - 19.9999 numbers. This species's range is very small, and Bird Life International qualified the species as Vulnerable.

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