Saturday, October 17, 2009

Papilio Schmeltzii Swallowtail - Fiji

Schmeltzi's Swallowtail, is Fiji's largest butterfly and is one of some 44 species of butterfly that inhabit Fiji.
The caterpillar or larva molt several times as they grow.It was depicted on (85c) value of stamp.They feed on poisonous plants and are toxic themselves and will actually advertise their presence by being brightly colored. Predator recognize these colors and will not touch them.

The pupa stage is when the most dramatic changes happen and metamorphosis is taking place. It is the most vulnerable stage so mimicry is highly developed. Chrysalis will look like an emerging bud or fruit or like a dead leaf. Butterfly support itself by a silk threat that is spun by the larva before it pupates. It will remain in this form for weeks. It is all shown on ($3) value of stamp.
The newly emerged adult butterfly from its chrysalis is called metamorphosis. This process has been depicted on (58c) value of stamp. It will take 20 minute for the wing to unfold and will take up to 1 hour for the wing to be harden before its attempt to fly.

The stamp with $1.41 value, depicted adult butterfly that has function to mate and perpetuate the species. Figure on stamp shown butterfly feeding nectar of a flower.

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