Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preservation of Nature on Slovakia stamps


In relation with the Preservation of Nature , Slovakia Post issued the stamps features specific dogs on 18th of April 2007. The dogs are Slovensky čuvač and Slovensky kopov which both breed in Slovakia.The face value of stamps are same, 31 sk.The issued product of stamps are one set of 2 stamps, one souvenir sheet as shown, FDC for each single stamp.

Slovensky čuvač

Early last century the čuvač was a popular breed in Slovakia.The characteristics of this breed, a robust body and thick white coat, are similar to those of mountain dog types. Slovensky čuvač size is 62-70 cm high. Slovensky čuvač moves with ease, quickly, and likes to run. Historically the Slovensky čuvač was a valuable helper to border guards, shepherds, and cattlemen. It protected sheep pens, chalets, and farms. This wide range of skills shows its immense value and character. Slovensky čuvač is a calm sheepdog, and if bred in suitable conditions displays not only inherited skills but also new tasks

Slovensky kopov

Slovensky kopov is not very sturdy; it has a height range from 45-50 cm (40-45 cm), and typically a black coat with brown to mahogany marks. The breed is extremely fierce; therefore it is used mainly for wild boars and vermin. It has a highly developed sense of orientation Slovensky kopov follows a fresh scent unwaveringly for several hours. However, it is also good at tracing shot animals. Nevertheless, Slovensky kopov is not a kennel dog. It works best when hunting individually. Despite its typically fierce character and temperament, Slovensky kopov is a cuddly and friendly companion.Currently, the Slovensky kopov is the highest-bred hound in Slovakia. On average, 300 - 400 puppies are registered annually.

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