Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roses of Bangladesh.

Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty.In horticulture roses are propagated by grafting or rooting cuttings. To improve the flower, Cultivars selected for the flowers, based on the growth habit, cold and/or disease resistance, and many other factors. Then they grafted onto a rootstock that provides sturdiness, allowed to develop their own roots. Roses require 5 hours of direct sunlight a day during the growing season.Many thousands of rose hybrids and cultivars have been bred and selected for garden use; most are double-flowered with many or all of the stamens having mutated into additional petals.In 20th-century rose breeders generally emphasized size and colour, producing large, attractive blooms with little or no scent.
Bangladesh Post has issued the stamps series depicted the cultivated varieties of Roses in Bangladesh.The stamp sheet featured 13 kind of roses. A rose is a perennial flower shrub or vine of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae, that contains over 100 species and comes in a variety of colours. Most are native to Asia, with smaller numbers of species native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. Natives, cultivars and hybrids are all widely grown for their beauty and fragrance.

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San Diego movers said...

Didn't expect to see such prototypically 'English' roses on the subcontinent.

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