Friday, December 31, 2010

Orchid flowers of Brazil.

Wishing You Happy New Year 2011.

Brazil Post issued the set of three stamps depicted beautiful orchid flower on year 1996. The featured orchid are Promenaea stapelioides, Cattleya eldorado, and Cattleya loddogesii.


Promenaea stapelioides Lindley (0.15)

Promenaea stapelioides Lindley is a plant bloom in the summer with one to two 5 cm flowers. Flowers are fragrant. Plants are found growing on trees and damp rocks in the cool mountain forest of southern Brazil .


Cattleya Eldorado Linden (0.15)

Cattleya eldorado is one of the smaller-growing Cattleya species. The pseudo bulbs are usually only 3 to 5 inches tall (plus a 4- to 6-inch-tall leaf), and a robust flowering-size plant is normally comfortable in a 4-inch clay pot. Cattleya eldorado have lovely range of subtle colours. The most common form has pale lavender-pink sepals and petals with an orange-throated lip. The orange disc in the throat is circular in shape, edged in white, and there is lavender or purple across the bottom edge on the lip. The colour pattern of the lip is distinctive to the growing wild along the Rio Negro in Brazil, and it glitters in lavender, orange, pink and white in the sunlight, it may well be worth its weight in gold.


Cattleya Loddigesii Lindley (0.15)

Cattleya Loddigesii is scented like roses till 3 weeks and have diameter minimum 6-8 cm. It is found in many Brazilian states. The habitats is quite diversified. It can be occurs as epiphyte or directly on the rock.The bud arise from a floral atrophied leafless pseudo bulb. The colour range from pink to purple or dark purple.

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