Saturday, December 25, 2010

Orchids of Solomon Islands.

Post Administration of Solomon Islands issued the stamp series depicted the orchid species, like Calanthe triplicata, Dendrobium mohlianum, Dendrobium spectabile and Flickingeria comata.

Calanthe triplicata commonly known as The Thrice Folded Calanthe - The Christmas Orchid [Australia] is a terrestrial orchid.The original home of Calanthe triplicata species is from south China, Vietnam and India to Australia and New Guinea and also the Pacific Islands .Its habitat is broad-leafed, humid, primary forests in crevasses in karst limestone with rich humus soil in humid, shady conditions at elevations of 500 to 1500 meters grows cool to hot. Calanthe triplicata has ovoid psuedobulbs carrying 3 to 6, ovate-lanceolate, to elliptic-lanceolate, plicate, prominently ribbed, long petiolate leaves that are pubescent beneath and blooms from a mature pseudobulb .

Flickingeria Comata , is a species of orchid epiphytes native to Southeast Asia and western Pacific .It is an epiphytic orchid with stems that branch from the top with 2 nodes wearing yellow or orange leaves very coriaceous, elliptical and obtuse. The inflorescence with bracts acute, appears in the axils of the leaves with fragrant flowers appear in clusters that occur at any time of year or nine days after it rains.It is found in the lowlands, growing as epiphytes at elevations of 850 meters on the peninsula of Malaysia , Borneo , Sumatra , Papua New Guinea , Java , Philippines , New Guinea , Solomon Islands , northeast of Australia , Taiwan , Samoa , New Caledonia and Fiji in the trees in the forests open or small trees after logging.

Dendrobium mohlianum is a species of genus Dendrobium.Plant blooms from winter to spring with several 3 cm flowers.Plant found growing in trees in the Pacific Islands at elevations of 450 to 3100 meters .Plants are cool to warm growers. Place plants in partial shade and pot with medium bark or sphagnum moss. Water regularly in the summer and reduce watering in the winter. 

Dendrobium spectabile is a warm growing species native to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The 18 inch to 2 foot long canes produce masses of flowers that look like aliens from another world.This plant typically flowers in the winter and early spring months but can also flower in late August through October. Each flower spike can produce 10 - 20 three inch flowers colored in cream, tan, mahogany, purple, and green. The flowers last a couple of and have a nice honey-like fragrance.

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