Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peony Flower of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Post issued the stamps depicted the Peony flower which presented in one souvenir sheet and sheetlet of 4 single stamps on April 10, 2010. The designed made by Kh. Mirzoyev.

The peony is named after Paeon (also spelled Paean), a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Asclepius became jealous of his pupil; Zeus saved Paeon from the wrath of Asclepius by turning him into the peony flower.


Peony or paeony is a name for plants in the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the flowering plant family Paeoniaceae. They are native to Asia, southern Europe and western North America. Boundaries between species are not clear and estimates of the number of species range from 25 to 40.

imageMost are herbaceous perennial plants 0.5–1.5 metres tall, but some resemble trees up to 1.5–3 metres tall. They have compound, deeply lobed leaves, and large, often fragrant flowers, ranging from red to white or yellow, in late spring and early summer.

Peonies can be classified by both plant growth habit and by flower type. Plant types are Herbaceous (Bush), Tree and Intersectional (Itoh), while flower types are Single, Japanese,Anemone, Semi-Double , Double and Bomb-Double Each category becoming more complex in the arrangement of petals. Herbaceous peonies die back in winter, regrown in spring, while tree peonies lose their leaves in winter, but leave woody stems.


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