Monday, December 19, 2011

The European Carp - Cyprinus Carpio Linnaeus

On the first day of April 2008, Vietnam Post released the stamp series features the European Carp or the common Carp, also known as Cyprinus Carpio Linnaeus. The issue stamp consist of 4 postage stamps with different denomination.
The European Carp can be recognized by its small eyes, thick lips with two barbels at each corner of the mouth, large scales and strongly serrated spines in the dorsal and anal fins. The color is variable, but often olive green to silvery grey dorsally, fading to silvery yellow on the belly.


The European Carp are reported to grow to over one meter in length, and 60 kg in weight.Inhabit warm, deep, slow-flowing and still waters such as lowland rivers and large, well vegetated lakes .


The European Carp are omnivorous, sucking and straining mud from the bottom and sucking insects and plants from the surface. Juvenile European Carp feed mainly on microscopic algae, rotifers and crustaceans.

The Common carp or European carp (Cyprinus carpio) is a widespread freshwater fish and capable of interbreeding with   the common goldfish (Carassius auratus).

The Common carp are native to Asia and Eastern Europe. It has been introduced into environments worldwide, and is often considered an invasive species. The Common carp is a native of Asia, but extensive introductions into environments worldwide have helped to make it the world's most widely distributed freshwater fish.
The Common carp is so near to Vietnamese daily life and it appears so often on Vietnamese paintings. The official first day cover also released together with the stamps, depicts the painting of this freshwater fish in Vietnamese style. The postmark has designed  in a fish painting style.

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