Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fairy Lily of Vietnam

Fairy lily are petite members of the amaryllis family.It is useful as a border plant in front of the shrubberies and can decorate windows when in shallow pots or bowls.
The Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications issued the stamp series  "Fairy Lily“  consisting of 2 values with the denominations of 3,500 đ and 10,500 đ, on the 30th of July 2010, The stamp set shown two petite members of Fairy Lily in Vietnam, Pink Fairy Lily (Zephyranthes carinata Herb) and Yellow Fairy Lily (Zephyranthes ajax Hort).

  •  3,500 đ - Pink Fairy Lily (Zephyranthes carinata Herb)
Zephyranthes carinata, commonly known as the rosepink zephyr lily or pink rain lily, is a perennial flowering plant native to Central America. They have with large bright pink flowers, around 10 cm , and green strap-like leaves. They are found naturally in moist, open areas, often near woodlands.The flowers develop into more or less spherical or three-lobed capsules. The seeds are shiny black and flattened.The funnel-shaped flowers are solitary, with pink to rose red perianths.

  • 10,500 đ - Yellow Fairy Lily (Zephyranthes ajax Hort).
Zephyranthes 'Ajax' is a delightful old rain lily hybrid, which is inexplicably hard-to-find in the commercial trade. The cross of Zephyranthes candida x Zephyranthes citrina makes a vigorous clump of fast multiplying bulbs, each producing round green leaves like its Zephyranthes candida parent.
The clumps are topped, starting in midsummer, after each rain with 2" straw-yellow upfacing flowers. Each flower is open two days...yellow the first day and white the second.

Indigenous to the Western Hemisphere, Zephyranthes are petite members of the amaryllis family.   Zephyr lily these little beauties can be counted on to send up a flourish of blossoms within days of a rain storm.
Zephyranthes are clump-forming perennials which are small at first, but over several seasons will increase nicely. When preparing in ground beds these pretty lemony blossoming, petite rain lilies add a glow to the yellow bed.

Fairy lily is easy little bulbs to cultivate, standing about 9 inches tall. It is also a popular house plant. It bears linear, hollow, strap-shaped or grass-like leaves
The solitary flowers consisting of 6 pointed petals, borne on a short scape are delicate and flourish throughout the rainy season, especially after heavy showers. A good garden soil is suitable and a sunny or semi-shady environment.

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