Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Species found in Papua–Indonesia


On 5 November 2006, Indonesia Post commemorated the found of new species in Papua by releasing  the stamp set depicted the new plants and birds as part of them.
The design of four new postage stamps that are on the plants and animals that are found in environmental expedition in Foja Mountains, Papua, on December 2005.

Melipotes carolae Beehler & Prawiradilaga

Expedition organized by a team of researchers Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in collaboration with Conservation International, an NGO in the environmental area of the United States, managed to find no fewer than 40 new species in Papua.

Amblyomis flavifrons Rotschild

Species are found ranging from birds, frogs, butterflies, and a number of plants, which had never been documented before.

Licuala Arbuscula Mogea
Four new species of them are featured in the issued stamps. The two stamps depict palm plants, namely Licuala Mogea arbuscula and Livistona mamberamoensis Mogea. Meanwhile, two other stamps picture the birds, namely Melipotes carolae Beehler & Prawiradilaga and Amblyomis flavifrons Rothschild.

Livistoma mamberamoensis Mogea

Each stamp measures 31.96 x 31.96 mm, and each unit worth Rp 1,500.  In addition to stamps, also published Souvenir Sheet (SS), which shows one design and one plant stamps stamps of birds, with a unit price of Rp 5,000 per sheet.

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