Monday, December 12, 2011

Wild Flowers of Gibraltar -2004

On January 31, 2006, Gibraltar Post has issued the definitive stamps 2004, features the wild flower of Gibraltar, which represented are Gibraltar restharrow, Paper-white narcissus, Gibraltar campion, and Sea daffodil.

Gibraltar restharrow or Ononis natrix
This variety of the species is endemic to Gibraltar.The plants grown on coastal sands, and can be found in large numbers on the East Side sand slopes. The wildflower have typical shape of the pea family and has yellow colour , around 1.5 cm across.

Paper-white narcissus or Narcissus papyraceus.
This species known in Gibraltar as “meaitas de zorra”, they grow in their thousands all over the Rock from October to January. Therefore consider these as Gibraltar’s very own Christmas flowers. The flowers have scent, pure white flower s around 3 cm across, and grow in clusters at the ends of stem 30-50 cm tall.

Gibraltar campion or Silene tomentosa
Gibraltar campion is the pale violet flowers , around 2 cm across, and arranged in an open panicle at the end of the stems. This species has stems ranging from 15-70 cm, and woody based perennial. The leaves are densely covered in short, soft hairs and endemic to Gibraltar. This wild flower is very rare, and had been believed extinct until it was rediscovered in 1994.

Sea daffodil or Pancratium maritimum
Sea daffodil is scented white flowers that found in Gibraltar, along the East Side sand slopes, at Western Beach and in North Front Cemetery. This flower can grown up to 10 cm across, can be seen growing  on sandy beaches and sandy soil almost down to the high tide mark. It can been seen from July to September.

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