Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weed Flowers of Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is plentiful with many unpopular introduced plants commonly known as “weeds”. Many of these weeds, if taken time to notice, have beautiful flowers. So Norfolk Island Post issued the stamp series features the weed flower on February 6, 2007 and designed by Jodie Williams

  Weeds NI Set Mint 2007a
Creeping Crofton Weed, 50¢ known as “William Taylor” after the gentleman who is thought to have introduced it to Norfolk, is a low sub shrub that takes over pastures.

  Weeds NI Set Mint 2007b
Lantana 50¢ is a quick growing thorny shrub with small pretty flowers. A native of tropical South America, it has been a very serious problem throughout the Pacific Islands. 

Weeds NI Set Mint 2007c

Morning Glory $1.60 is an invasive climbing vine with large attractive mauve flowers. Originating from North Africa, it can take over rainforest areas. Fortunately, it is edible to cattle and they keep it in check to a large degree. 

Weeds NI Set Mint 2007d
Wild tobacco $1.80 is thought to have been introduced to provide a smoke for the convicts. Originating from the central regions of South America, it was quite useful, as the leaves were used in island households as “wipes” and the dry twigs as kindling. 

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